Sunday, February 14, 2016

Failure to Properly Handle Asbestos Can Lead to Lawsuits

Asbestos should be handled and removed by trained professionals.

Public utilities, communications companies, construction companies and other entities have found themselves as defendants in lawsuits by workers and former employees who allege that their employers did not adequately warn them about potential asbestos exposure or neglected to properly equip them for this exposure. Due to its extensive use in flooring, roofing, insulation, piping and other facets of building and construction in past decades, asbestos has become a major health concern for many people as well as a major factor in civil litigation. Companies across South Florida involved in home renovations and home reconstruction should consider hiring the best asbestos removal south florida firms to  from these properties before they begin work on the properties, to avoid unnecessarily exposing their workers to asbestos, a chemical that can cause numerous medical problems.

Asbestos exposure can lead to severe respiratory complications, as well as mesothelioma and different types of cancer. Exposure can cause health problems years or even decades later. Thousands of premature deaths in the United States each year have links to victims’ previous exposure to asbestos, a naturally-occurring compound once used heavily in construction, telecommunications, shipbuilding and other industries. Like the used of other harmful materials like lead, use of asbestos has greatly diminished in recent decades. Asbestos abatement companies, much like lead abatement palm beach companies, can minimize the risks of exposure to this and other chemicals and harmful substances.

It behooves businesses and property owners to proactively address the risks posed by substances such as asbestos, mold and lead before they sicken workers or others. Failure to do so may expose these entities to litigation down the road.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How to Handle Asbestos in Your South Florida Home

Hire professional asbestos abatement businesses
to safely remove asbestos from your home.
Although the mere presence of asbestos in a home or building does not necessarily represent an emergency or require the work of firms in the asbestos removal south florida industry, property owners, landlords and homeowners may want to contact such businesses if they plan to perform renovations such as room additions and remodeling. Licensed asbestos abatement firms in the Palm Beach area typically adhere to industry standards to quickly and carefully get rid of this potentially harmful substance linked to pulmonary diseases and cancers.

Removing asbestos from an older home or structure in the Palm Beaches does not necessarily require the services of a professional asbestos abatement company, although such firms typically have the experience, knowledge and equipment to perform this valuable work safely. Asbestos abatement palm beach businesses will carefully remove asbestos from walls, ceilings, air ducts, flooring and other areas of a home or building where it may exist, taking precautions to not disturb the substance or cause it to become airborne.

When they become airborne, microscopic asbestos fibers can silently and invisibly get inhaled or ingested by people. Years or even decades later, these toxic fibers can cause severe physical damage to organs like the lungs and the stomach, and they may also cause the growth of cancerous tumors.

Anytime anyone works around asbestos, he or she should take precautions to protect his or her eyes, noses, mouths and skin from this harmful substance. Experts advise that people wear breathing masks, safety goggles and protective clothing to prevent contact with the skin and eyes and prevent inhalation or ingestion.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Asbestos Exposure Runs High at Home and in Public Across South Florida

Asbestos may come from numerous sources within homes.
Recent reports indicate that exposure to asbestos in public places has declined, but many people, including South Florida residents, face continued risks from asbestos in their own homes. Silent and often unseen, asbestos can sicken people without them even knowing it. In fact, symptoms of asbestos-related health problems often do not manifest themselves for decades. People living in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast can hire leading asbestos abatement south florida companies to perform asbestos testing in their homes to find out whether they contain asbestos in dangerous levels. These same companies can then remove the asbestos quickly and safely.

Workplace exposure to asbestos also remains a problem in South Florida. Older office buildings, banks, medical offices, schools, churches, hospitals and other structures may contain asbestos that threatens the health of workers and visiting customers. Although customers do not face a great risk from visiting local businesses whose facilities have asbestos, the employees of those businesses, working day-in and day-out within those facilities, may suffer health consequences down the road from their exposure to asbestos.

Hire asbestos removal businesses in Palm Beach, Broward County and other areas in South Florida to lessen your exposure to asbestos both at home and at work. Do it for yourself, your family, your children, your pets and your coworkers. The top businesses in the industry provide great results for their customers as well as great value. Check out online reviews of companies in your area to see what other consumers like you have to say about them.