Sunday, February 11, 2018

Illegal Asbestos Dumping Endangers Environment and Public Health

Asbestos dumped illegally can contaminate the environment and put people's health at risk.

The responsible removal and disposal of asbestos generally requires the work of reputable, licensed asbestos abatement professionals.  Unfortunately, in many cases across America and around the globe, contractors who have performed asbestos removal work have cut corners in disposing of asbestos, contaminating the environment and putting people’s health at risk. In South Florida cities such as Hollywood, Miami Beach, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami, homeowners, municipalities, businesses and other entities that need asbestos removed from buildings and properties should only hire companies that will perform the work properly in all phases of the work. Leading asbestos removal miami companies should follow industry guidelines and state regulations and laws to safely extract asbestos from buildings like motels, schools, auditoriums, schools, houses, condominiums, post offices and other structures, and then legally bring this toxic substance to approved disposal sites.

In a recent case from Australia, a site used for illegally dumping asbestos has residents in the surrounding area worried about their health. Asbestos that people have disposed of improperly can contaminate soil, dirt and bodies of water. If people inadvertently consume dirt or water contaminated by asbestos or inhale contaminated dust, they may risk developing a number of diseases linked to asbestos exposure.  Reputable businesses that perform asbestos abatement fort lauderdale work will generally remove asbestos from structures responsibly and then properly dispose of the substance, minimizing people’s potential exposure at each step along the process. Only use companies licensed by the State of Florida for asbestos removal jobs to get the best and safest outcome.

Asbestos that contaminates public spaces can cause illnesses and diseases for anyone unfortunate enough to encounter it. Although short-term exposure to asbestos will generally not lead to long-term health problems, breathing problems can develop in the short-term. Extended exposure to asbestos can lead to respiratory conditions like asbestosis and mesothelioma, an incurable form of cancer.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Asbestos Testing Services Reveal Hidden Dangers of Asbestos in Homes and Other Properties

Asbestos testing services find asbestos in structures before renovations or demolitions begin.
Hurricane-damaged areas across Florida and across the country may take months or even years to fully recover. The damage from punishing winds and flooding will require some structures to be completely gutted and re-built. Some houses, churches and other structures will need new flooring. Others may need new walls because of water damage. To perform repairs and renovations properly and safely, owners and general contractors should take precautions against contaminants. In many older structures, asbestos and other harmful substances may lurk. The removal of flooring, ceilings and walls may disrupt hidden asbestos, endangering the health of workers and threatening surrounding properties. Fortunately, licensed asbestos testing miami companies can help homoeowners, demolition companies, general contractors and others determine the extent of asbestos on properties and take prudent steps to deal with the substnce, which can cause respiratory diseases and forms of cancer.

Asbestos testing companies in places affected by hurricanes, like Houston and Jacksonville, help clients to responsibly progress with recovery efforts without putting people’s health in peril. These businesses look for asbestos in common areas like inside walls, in ceilings and under flooring, letting clients know whether the substance exists there and helping clients remain in compliance with environmental regulations and municipal codes. Some of these firms also offer clients asbestos abatement jacksonville services to eliminate asbestos responsibly from damaged structures like schools, restaurants, apartment buildings, houses and condominiums. Typically, state-licensed asbestos remediation florida businesses will adhere to industry standards and follow established protocols to minimize the potential for asbestos contamination and reduce the risk of asbestos exposure.

Asbestos testing companies in Jacksonville and across Florida have helped general contractors and builders comply with building codes and regulations and prudently move forward on major and minor renovations and projects in the wake of Hurricane Irma. These businesses have helped builders safely remove walls and flooring from damaged structures while protecting the health of workers.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Shipbuilding Industry Contributes to Asbestos Problems in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida

Shipbuilding has been tied to concerns about asbestos over the years.
With its history of industry and shipbuilding, Miami and Fort Lauderdale have had a significant number of asbestos cases, and many locations across the greater Miami area have experienced asbestos contamination over the years, potentially putting people’s health in jeopardy. Shipbuilders and manufacturers used asbestos, a particularly strong and fire-resistant natural substance, for decades. Many of the workers who made careers in these lines of work suffered health consequences because of the toxic nature of asbestos. The use of asbestos contaminated former factories, lots, fields, warehouses and other places across South Florida, affecting dirt, soil and bodies of water across the area. Firms that perform asbestos testing miami work have helped developers, municipalities, homeowners and others identify asbestos in abandoned buildings, houses, parks and other locations in places like Hollywood, Dania Beach, Davie, Hialeah, Aventura, Miami Beach, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Hallandale Beach and Plantation.

Exposure to asbestos can cause severe and debilitating illnesses, and even death, especially for people exposed to the substance over long periods of time. The substance has caused tens of thousands of premature deaths in recent decades, especially among people who worked in related industries. Experts recommend that people avoid all contact with asbestos, as inhaling or ingesting microscopic asbestos fibers can lead to respiratory diseases like asbestosis and types of cancer like mesothelioma and lung cancer. Licensed, professional and insured asbestos abatement companies help homeowners, business owners and others eliminate asbestos from buildings and outdoor spaces. Research experienced asbestos removal fort lauderdale companies to learn about businesses that remove asbestos from houses, condos, townhouses, hotels, hospitals and other places.

Asbestos went hand-in-hand with shipbuilding for generations, leading shipyards across the country to become heavily contaminated by the substance. To protect people’s health, it has become imperative for developers to take appropriate measures to mitigate the potential for asbestos exposure.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Dealing with Asbestos and Mold Problematic Because of Health Concerns

Asbestos inside walls can endanger people's health if improperly handled.
Homeowners may want to hire professionals to address toxic contaminants in the home like lead, mold and asbestos. These substances can endanger people’s health if improperly handled. Professional abatement businesses take proper precautions to protect the health of employees and minimize the risk of contamination. Asbestos, a carcinogen, can cause serious health problems such as asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. Mold exposure can lead to asthma attacks, rashes, breathing problems, allergic reactions and other effects. Professional, licensed and insured firms across the South Florida region can help customers identify and eliminate harmful substances in houses, condominiums and others structures in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and other area cities. Businesses that perform asbestos testing fort lauderdale work typically handle their work properly and skillfully.

Don’t risk your health or that of your family by hiring unqualified contractors to perform the work or trying to do the work yourself. Licensed companies in the abatement industry typically must comply with safety regulations. To safely remove some substances may require the use of protective suits and masks. Companies may also need to use plastic sheeting to avoid contamination onto walls and flooring. Look online at the websites of different businesses that offer mold remediation miami services to learn more about their services, qualifications and experience.

Although untrained homeowners may have the ability to handle some matters relating to harmful contaminants like mold and asbestos, they may want to hire professionals to avoid the dangers associated with these substances and to ensure that they completely get rid of the substances. Professional abatement firms will usually follow protocols to remove mold and asbestos properly, without contaminating the rest of the property or surrounding areas. Homeowners can rest comfortably knowing that they did not have to come into contact with substances that can cause breathing problems or worse.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Report Urges Homeowners to Get Their Homes Tested for Asbestos

Asbestos a Potential Danger in Older Homes

Asbestos becomes particularly dangerous as it becomes friable and its fibers become airborne.

A recent article in U.S. News & World Report warns of the potential dangers lurking in people’s homes. The article provocatively asks, “Is your home a death trap?” It goes on to detail some of the numerous places where homes, particularly those built before the 1980s, may have asbestos. Homeowners in cities like Delray Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Riviera Beach and Boynton Beach can hire asbestos abatement west palm beach businesses to test for the presence of asbestos in houses and other structures. If they find asbestos, these businesses can safely remove this harmful building material, once commonly used in the construction of homes and other structures. Asbestos has been found to cause terrible health problems when ingested or inhaled. This article, by Devon Thorsby, published on March 18th. Read it here:

Asbestos Testing Available for Homeowners Across South Florida

People who own older homes in South Florida may want to take extra precautions to protect themselves, their families and their pets from asbestos exposure. Asbestos becomes more brittle over time, making it more dangerous. When asbestos becomes friable, it can more easily become airborne. Asbestos fibers, microscopic in size, can inflict serious damage within people’s lungs and gastrointestinal tracts. Asbestos can cause cancers of the lungs, stomach and other organs. This compound also causes mesothelioma and asbestosis. Businesses and residents in the Florida Keys, Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast can hire asbestos removal south florida firms to test for asbestos on their premises and carefully and properly eliminate it.
Before beginning remodeling projects and renovations, owners and managers of older properties should have them tested for asbestos, as this kind of work can cause asbestos to break loose and become airborne, making it more dangerous to people and pets in the vicinity. Workers should wear air masks to avoid breathing in harmful particles.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Failure to Properly Handle Asbestos Can Lead to Lawsuits

Asbestos should be handled and removed by trained professionals.

Public utilities, communications companies, construction companies and other entities have found themselves as defendants in lawsuits by workers and former employees who allege that their employers did not adequately warn them about potential asbestos exposure or neglected to properly equip them for this exposure. Due to its extensive use in flooring, roofing, insulation, piping and other facets of building and construction in past decades, asbestos has become a major health concern for many people as well as a major factor in civil litigation. Companies across South Florida involved in home renovations and home reconstruction should consider hiring the best asbestos removal south florida firms to  from these properties before they begin work on the properties, to avoid unnecessarily exposing their workers to asbestos, a chemical that can cause numerous medical problems.

Asbestos exposure can lead to severe respiratory complications, as well as mesothelioma and different types of cancer. Exposure can cause health problems years or even decades later. Thousands of premature deaths in the United States each year have links to victims’ previous exposure to asbestos, a naturally-occurring compound once used heavily in construction, telecommunications, shipbuilding and other industries. Like the used of other harmful materials like lead, use of asbestos has greatly diminished in recent decades. Asbestos abatement companies, much like lead abatement palm beach companies, can minimize the risks of exposure to this and other chemicals and harmful substances.

It behooves businesses and property owners to proactively address the risks posed by substances such as asbestos, mold and lead before they sicken workers or others. Failure to do so may expose these entities to litigation down the road.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How to Handle Asbestos in Your South Florida Home

Hire professional asbestos abatement businesses
to safely remove asbestos from your home.
Although the mere presence of asbestos in a home or building does not necessarily represent an emergency or require the work of firms in the asbestos removal south florida industry, property owners, landlords and homeowners may want to contact such businesses if they plan to perform renovations such as room additions and remodeling. Licensed asbestos abatement firms in the Palm Beach area typically adhere to industry standards to quickly and carefully get rid of this potentially harmful substance linked to pulmonary diseases and cancers.

Removing asbestos from an older home or structure in the Palm Beaches does not necessarily require the services of a professional asbestos abatement company, although such firms typically have the experience, knowledge and equipment to perform this valuable work safely. Asbestos abatement palm beach businesses will carefully remove asbestos from walls, ceilings, air ducts, flooring and other areas of a home or building where it may exist, taking precautions to not disturb the substance or cause it to become airborne.

When they become airborne, microscopic asbestos fibers can silently and invisibly get inhaled or ingested by people. Years or even decades later, these toxic fibers can cause severe physical damage to organs like the lungs and the stomach, and they may also cause the growth of cancerous tumors.

Anytime anyone works around asbestos, he or she should take precautions to protect his or her eyes, noses, mouths and skin from this harmful substance. Experts advise that people wear breathing masks, safety goggles and protective clothing to prevent contact with the skin and eyes and prevent inhalation or ingestion.